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I'm Aarin Felix. ♉

I'm just a small boy who likes everyone! I post fandom things and romance things!

Sometimes I post sad things! If you don't want to see them, blacklist "bad aarin" please!

♥ / ♦ / ♠ / ♣

Message me to ask for commissions or please donate to my transgender support fund.



i wish that there were more hours in a day and boys were nice and bread didnt make you fat



i wont rest until ive complained about everything

http://gamzadoodle-makarkles.tumblr.com/post/93442853618/okay-so-im-on-the-ikea-website-because-i-wanna →


Okay so I’m on the IKEA website because I wanna look for queen bed sets for my room when I move. Well. I went on the site. And its in Japanese. So I’m like uh okay. How do I fix this.
I made sure my computer language was English, it is. Restarted it, okay lets try that again.

Okay well lets…

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